First and Last

A landlord in Sedona, Arizona needs to rent out his place in a hurry, but first he must deal with an endless parade of new age crackpots who all want to be the tenant. First and Last was the first film produced by Pepper Media, and it was the first film to successfully capture the crazy characters and new age culture of Sedona, Arizona. The film premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival in 2008. It went on to become an official selection in 27 film festivals, including prestigious festivals like Phoenix, Cape Fear, Breckenridge, and the Williamstown Festival of Arts.

Winner! Audience Choice Award, Zaki Shorts Film Festival
Nominated: Best Short Comedy-Route 66 Film Festival

6 1/2 years after its premiere, First and Last is still going strong! Screening at the Hyart Film Festival in Lovell, Wyoming June 2014!

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